Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2nd October, 1869 at Porbandar in Gujrat. His full name was Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi was the youngest child of his father’s forth wife, his father name was Karamchand Gandhi, who was a Diwan of Porbandar and his mother name was Putlibai. He got his primary education at Rajkot. He was married at the age of thirteen with Kasturba. Mahatma Gandhi had four sons Harilal, Manilal, Ramdas, Devdas. He was truthful from his childhood.

They were married at the age of 13 and Kasturba was 14 at that time. In November, 1887, she had passed her matriculation examination and in January, 1888 she enrolled in Samaldas College, Bhavnagar. was taken and got the degree from here. After passing Matric examination he was sent to England for passing L.L.B. examination. After returning from England he started his career as a lawyer at Bombay. He went to South Africa to plead a case. There he was disgraced. He started Satyagraha there and won the first battle.

After staying for several years in Africa Gandhiji returned to India and jumped into the freedom struggle. He was soon the most respected leader of the India. He always led the struggle on non-violent lines. He led so many satyagrahas and was sent to jail several times. In 1942 he started 'Quit India Movement'. Under his able leadership our country got freedom on August 15, 1947. He was killed by Nathu Ram Godse on Jan., 30th 1948.

Gandhiji was not only a great leader, but in his social life also he was one of the people who believed in 'simple living high thinking'. Due to his nature, people started addressing him as 'Mahatma'. Gandhiji was a great supporter of democracy. He had 2 weapons -: 'Truth and non-violence'. On the strength of these weapons, he liberated India from the British.


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