Causes and Effect of climate change

Climate change is actually called a change in the climatic conditions on the earth.The reason behind of happening this are different internal and external factors causes including solar radiation, changes in the Earth's orbit, volcanic eruptions, plate tectonics etc., including other internal and external causes. Climate change, in fact, has become a cause of particular concern over the past few decades. Climate change on Earth has become a matter of global concern. There are many causes of climate change and this change affects life on earth in different ways.
 climate change is a change in the climatic conditions of the Earth. For this, many factors have been contributing in bringing about this change for centuries. However, in recent years, the pollution in the atmosphere is mainly the result of human activities and these activities have caused very negative effects on the environment and have polluted it badly.    

 Know we have tried to understand the causes and effects of climate change 

 Reasons of Climate change 
solar radiation
The energy emitted from the Sun reaches the Earth and then carried forward to different parts of the world by winds and oceans, is a major cause of climate change.

human activities
The use of new age technologies is increasing the rate of carbon emissions on the earth and thus adversely affecting the environment. 
volcanic eruptions
Those volcanic eruptions, which generate more than 100,000 tons of SO2 in the stratosphere, are known to affect Earth's climate. Such eruptions occur several times a century and continue to cool the Earth's atmosphere for the next few years because these gases partially block the transmission of solar radiation to the Earth's surface.

orbital change
Even minor changes in the Earth's orbit cause changes in the seasonal distribution of sunlight on the Earth's surface. There are three types of orbital changes - change in the eccentricity of the earth, reversal of the earth's axis and change in the angle of inclination of the earth's axis while rotating in the earth's axis, etc. Together these three have a huge impact on the climate.

plate tectonics
The movement of tectonic plates changes the appearance of land and oceans on Earth as well as changes the topography over a period of millions of years. Because of this, global climatic conditions also change.

Effects of climate change

Effects on forests and wildlife
Due to the widespread changes in the climatic conditions, the entire population of many plants and animals has become extinct and the population of many others has reached the verge of extinction. In some areas, certain types of trees have become extinct collectively and due to this the area under forest cover is decreasing.

• Negative effects on water
Changes in climatic conditions are having a negative impact on the water system. As a result, glaciers are melting and rainfall is happening irregularly and at the same time the nature of rainfall is also deteriorating. All these circumstances are increasing the imbalance in the environment.

Impact on Polar Regions
Our planet's north and south poles are important for regulating its climate and are being adversely affected by changing climatic conditions. If these changes continue in this way, it is being speculated that life in the polar regions may be completely extinct in the coming times.


The weather condition is getting worse day by day. The negative impact on the climate due to the above mentioned natural factors cannot be controlled, but those human activities which are the cause of air, land and water pollution and which have negative effects on the climate must be banned. can go. Each of us should do our part to control this global problem.


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