Link Your Passport With Your Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate

If you want to travel outside India for any reason, you will have to link your Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate with your Passport. 
Travelers from India who are going abroad can now be relieved as the Cowin portal is going to allow users to link the Vaccination Certificate to their Passports. International destinations are seeking Vaccination certificates as a proof of Vaccination, and linking an individual's Passport number to it is an ideal step.  
Follow below Steps 

Step 1.
Go to and login with Your register Mobile Number. 

Step 2. 
Once you are login, click on the " Raise an issue " button in the Account detail's section. 

Step 3. 
You will see three options 
1. Certification correction 
2. Merge multiple Dose #1 Provisional Certificate 
3. Add Passport Details 
Now Click on "  Add Passport Details " 

Step 4.
Select the Member from the drop menu and enter Passport number in the " Enter Beneficiary's Passport number " section. 
 NOTE: [ Make sure you enter the correct Passport Number ]

Step 5.
Once you have Double check the Passport Number to make sure select, tick box that say's the name of the Passport holder is the same as mentioned on the Vaccine Certificate. 

Go back to the Account details page and click on the certificate button. Now you will be able to download your new Vaccine Certificate.