An Essay about Corona in English

on the starting of the year 2020 when we all living your life happily that time something was come towards us to make our lives worse. that thing is which we all know is corona virus (covid 19). covid 19 a virus which spreads quickly one human to another human by air, by contact with the infected person so on. in the starting of corona virus it take million of people life, destroy many families. To stop or break the chain of corona virus government announced lockdown because of covid 19 pandemic. lockdown was beneficial for us but also it was unbeneficial for us, because of lockdown the covid cases were decreases rapidly and the bad effect was many of people lose their jobs as well as because of losing their job the poor people can't able to afford two times of food for their family, many of people moving toward their village by road and some of them died from hunger. coronavirus (covid 19) left a very bad effect on people life. people who suffered from covid,their immunity becomes low, covid 19 major attacked on the lungs of the humans it damage their lungs and because of the weak lungs they feel difficulty in breathing. but know various types of varient of covid are comes as well as after covid people are catched by fungus, which are also very dangerous for human, there are three types of Funguses white fungus, black fungus and yellow fungus are founded in people.