Independence day Easy Sms Quotes in English

Independence Day Easy SMS Quotes in English

The Day when the whole nation tasted the freedom and feel what is freedom. from that day the life of the country people was completely changed, they can live their lives properly and joyfully, from that day nobody can rule on any other person and that day we called Independence Day the day when a country get freedom from ruler country and from that day a country has its own constitution, rules, government and so many other things. Due to the occasion of Independence Day, there is a government holiday in the country, on this day the whole country is celebrate this day in various method, they spend this day on the name the country and enjoy the whole day happily. To make the independent make brave leaders comes they shows the right way to get independence and lead them correctly but to making country independent many leaders were died, there are many leaders which names are Mahatma Ghandi, dr. Bhim rao ambedkar, Bhagat singh and so many other leaders who have a big role in getting freedom.

on independence day there is so many functions are organized, like the flag hoisting, the honorable prime minister Narendra Modi hoist the flag, so many different parades are organized in this occasion, singing patriotic songs and also sung the national anthem jana gana mana and the honorable prime minister and president , shri Narendra Modi and shri Dr. Ram Nath kovind deliver a speech to the nation. at the night there is fireworks displaying. on this day the whole nation sees the Prades from their homes and come at red fort, children celebrate the Occasion flying kites and spend this day with joy. on this year the Independence Day will be celebrated on 15 August on Sunday.